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Selecting Local Vancouver Child Care Centers, Preschools and Daycare

Providers of child care in Vancouver WA encourage you to visit the preschool by scheduling a tour. Prepare a list of questions ahead of time and include items such as: philosophy and learning approach, classroom size, hours and schedules, admissions process, meals provided, parent participation requirements, daycare program information, fees and tuition. If the child care in Vancouver WA already has a 2-page profile with ChildCare Smiles then you will be able to review and print most of this information ahead of time, including preschool photos. This will then enable you to focus on the visual aspects, interactions with the Director and teachers, and general feelings about the daycare when you visit. An important consideration when visiting a Vancouver child care facility is to ensure that your child will be receiving a well-organized and challenging curriculum, a warm, safe and clean environment, and teachers who are experienced and ideally have long tenure. When you visit a Vancouver child care center don't forget to take your child with you and observe how he/she reacts in this new environment. Also, take the time to observe how the other children interact with each other and the teachers. A happy school is a healthy school for daycare children and staff at Vancouver daycare centers. Daycare facilities are noisy, high energy places and a typical day requires a child to be at 100% capacity. When children are not feeling well and struggling to keep up, the school environment can be overwhelming for them. For this reason, centers that provide child care in Vancouver WA will have guidelines for parents to follow in determining if a child is too sick for school. In the event that your child becomes ill, Vancouver childcare centers will require you or your designated emergency contacts to pick up your child within a specified time period e.g. 30 minutes. Although daycare centers in Vancouver WA recognize that picking up your child during the day may create a hardship, it is in the child's best interest. Vancouver daycare centers also recommend that if your child is ill, then please keep them home until they are no longer contagious and are able to actively participate at school, inside and out.
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Montavilla Cooperative Preschool 
(503) 256-3411
232 NW 80th Street, Vancouver, WA  98665
If your child is enrolling in a Vancouver childcare center, along with required medical records and registration and material fees, parents submit completed information and permission forms provided in an enrollment package. ...
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In His Hands Preschool 
(360) 693-6054
2700 E 28th Street, Vancouver, WA  98661
Some centers offer potty training, however an extra fee may be involved. For local Vancouver child care centers, parents should ask about potty training requirements and whether children who are not potty-trained will be accommodated. ...
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Child's Life Learning Preschool 
(360) 571-7386
1305 NW 101st Circle, Vancouver, WA  98685
When you contact or visit a child care in Vancouver please keep in mind that the busiest time of the day are early morning, lunch/nap time and end of day. Call ahead to schedule a visit time. ...
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Red Robin Preschool & Daycare 
(360) 573-3232
10111 Ne 13th Avenue, Vancouver, WA  98686
Childcare centers in Vancouver often provide a combined curriculum of developmental, play based, and teacher led learning approaches. They are primarily theme based, with an emphasis on play based learning and building a fun and meaningful curriculum around it. ...
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Circle of Friends Preschool 
(360) 696-9926
805 SE Columbia Ridge Drive, Vancouver, WA  98664
Before visiting a Vancouver child care center, parents should make a checklist of all the items they would like to cover during the center tour. There is a checklist available in the Resources section of the ChildCare Smiles website. ...
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Noah's Ark Preschool 
(360) 694-3363
4300 Main Street, Vancouver, WA  98663
A large number of Vancouver child care providers, preschools and daycare centers will provide morning and afternoon snacks which vary between any combination of fruit, veggies, milk, graham crackers, juice, muffins, cheese, and other nutritional foods. ...
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Little Sunbeams Preschool 
(360) 882-4761
14611 Ne 51st Street, Vancouver, WA  98682
When seeking child care in Vancouver you should ensure that the provider is licensed and will provide the license number. Preschools are licensed for a specific capacity. ...
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Noah's Ark Preschool Learning Center 
(360) 944-9491
10112 Ne 76th Street, Vancouver, WA  98662
For low income families looking for child care in Vancouver there are government sponsored or subsidized programs available at some preschools and daycare facilities. You can check directly with the center or go to your State Government resources to find local providers. ...
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Gingerbread House 
(360) 693-9376
1714 E 29th Street, Vancouver, WA  98663
As part of the enrollment process for your child, please ensure that you obtain a clearance from your child's physician. For Vancouver child care centers this will typically include disclosure of completed vaccinations, allergies and any conditions that will require special handling. ...
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Bright Beginnings Preschool & Daycare 
(360) 882-3496
9019 Ne 86th Street, Vancouver, WA  98662
Many Vancouver child care and daycare centers provide after school age care options. These programs can be very beneficial for assisting children to complete their homework and have great social interaction as well as physical exercise activities. ...
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Kids Care 
(360) 892-5142
10401 Ne 4th Plain Road, Vancouver, WA  98662
Many daycare and childcare providers in Vancouver provide opportunities for parents to participate in their little one's world by bringing the events of that daily world to the parents through ongoing communication, and through periodic opportunities to volunteer to help or attend a special event at the school. ...
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Little Lamb's Preschool 
(360) 694-3661
8310 Macarthur Boulevard, Vancouver, WA  98664
Summer camps are often a great way for kids to spend their summer breaks. Many local preschools and daycare centers that provide child care in Vancouver will have well-organized camps with appropriate adult supervision. ...
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