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Quality Torrance Preschools in Torrance CA

Multiple Programs Offered by Torrance Preschools

For preschools in Torrance CA, there are a number of different programs to choose from. Many Torrance preschools and child care centers offer a combination of infant care, preschool, daycare, before and after school care, and summer camp programs. Infant care programs typically involve a small number of infants and a much lower child to adult ratio. Depending on the daycare, you may or may not be required to provide diapers, baby formula, bottles etc. For preschools in Torrance CA there are usually a limited number of available infant care openings, so it is recommended that you plan ahead. Torrance preschools that offer preschool programs and child care may also offer a summer camp program for children from preschool age through school age. Summer camps are often a great way to keep the kids occupied during the summer months. For preschools in Torrance CA, summer camps include a myriad of outdoor and indoor activities, as well as educational and social opportunities. It is recommended that you book ahead (early in the year) to reserve a spot for your child, as summer camps fill up quickly.
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(310) 371-4503
4400 Del Amo Boulevard, Torrance, CA  90503
Quality preschools in Torrance will have a Parent Handbook that outlines many different topics including philosophy, financial policies, operational guidelines, schedules, safety and emergency procedures. ...
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Coastal Kids Preschool 
(310) 378-5848
4172 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, CA  90505
For most Torrance preschools, program schedules set up for your child must be maintained. Arrangements for different days and hours are typically made in advance and are subject to space availability. ...
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Ascension Lutheran Preschool 
(310) 214-3905
17910 Prairie Avenue, Torrance, CA  90504
Because gum is a messy problem if not disposed properly, most Torrance preschools do not allow children to chew gum at school. If your child comes to school chewing gum, they will be asked to dispose of it before starting their day. ...
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Golden Kids Preschool 
(310) 530-5433
2320 Sepulveda Boulevard, Torrance, CA  90501
Preschools in Torrance offer programs with many different learning approaches e.g., Play Based, Montessori, Structured Learning with Play, Developmental, Teacher Led and Waldorf. ...
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Maricopa Pre-School 
(310) 542-4011
3525 Maricopa Avenue, Torrance, CA  90503
The administration of medications for your child at Torrance preschools is subject to very specific guidelines that are typically described in the Parent Handbook.  ...
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Suika Preschool 
(310) 323-5221
2706 West 182nd Street, Torrance, CA  90504
Dropping your child off at a preschool is harder on the parents than it is on the child. It is recommended to provide a short good-bye, rather than a long good-bye. ...
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Torrance Montessori School 
(310) 328-5358
2747 Cabrillo Avenue, Torrance, CA  90501
If you are a low income family looking for preschools in Torrance, there are different Government programs available that are accepted by some preschools. Contact your local government child care resources for more information. ...
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La Primera North Pre-School 
(310) 373-2229
Ocean Avenue 230th, Torrance, CA  90505
Preschools in Torrance will usually post their menus on a regular basis, and sometimes on their website. Most preschools give you the option to bring your child's lunch or use their lunch service which may be in-house or catered. ...
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Federation Carr State Preschool 
(310) 323-9930
3403 W. 168th Street, Torrance, CA  90504
For many local preschools in Torrance there are multiple subjects covered in a Parent Handbook including program description, holiday schedule, operational policies, health and nutrition, parent involvement and toileting policy. ...
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Der Kinder Garden Pre Schools 
(310) 532-3000
2700 Redondo Beach Boulevard, Torrance, CA  90504
Preschools in Torrance will have established rules, hours and rates that keep the door open and provide quality care for all. These are all outlined in a Parent Handbook that is specific to the local center. ...
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Cornerstone Christian Pre School 
(310) 328-1933
22230 Meyler Street, Torrance, CA  90502
You can perform an online search for Torrance preschools at ChildCare Smiles by specifying specific criteria, including: your child's age, learning approach, operating hours, faith based or non-faith-based. ...
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Vermont Avenue Baptist Church Preschool 
(310) 530-7383
23325 South Vermont Avenue, Torrance, CA  90502
For preschools in Torrance, programs may include full-day or half-day (morning and afternoon). Infant care programs, school age programs and before and after school care may also be provided. ...
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