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Overview and Information about Torrance Daycare

Making the Most from a Torrance Daycare Parent Teacher Conference

To get the most from a parent teacher conference at Torrance daycare centers, there are some basic things you can do to prepare ahead of time. It is recommended that you schedule a meeting time as early as possible so as to get a time that works best for your schedule. Most providers of daycare in Torrance CA will also encourage both you and your partner to attend, which shows the teacher that you are both involved in your child's education. For Torrance daycare centers, you should write down your questions ahead of time and bring them with you to the meeting. You can also compare notes with your partner after the meeting. An important consideration for your parent teacher meeting at a daycare in Torrance CA is to ensure that you ask your child how things are going, if they like their teacher, what things don't they like, are there any children they are having trouble with? Asking these questions and planning ahead can help you get the most from your parent teacher conference at Torrance daycare centers.
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The Starting Point Pre-School 
(310) 320-4098
2260 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, CA  90501
Programs offered by daycare in Torrance may include any combination of infant care, preschool, before and after school care, and summer camp programs. ...
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Wood Preschool 
(310) 517-0434
2250 W 235th Street, Torrance, CA  90501
For parents to obtain feedback, many daycares in Torrance offer Parent Teacher Conferences that may be scheduled twice per year, or available when requested. ...
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Golden Kids Preschool 
(310) 530-5433
2320 Sepulveda Boulevard, Torrance, CA  90501
For parents it is reasonable to expect that Torrance daycare centers will have established rules, hours and rates that keep the door open and provide quality care for all. ...
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First Lutheran School And Early Education Center 
(310) 320-9923
2900 W Carson Street, Torrance, CA  90503
An open door policy for parents is common with many daycares in Torrance. Parents can stop by and observe their children or volunteer to assist with special events or field trips during and after school. ...
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(310) 371-4503
4400 Del Amo Boulevard, Torrance, CA  90503
For parents to obtain feedback, many daycares in Torrance offer Parent Teacher Conferences that may be scheduled twice per year, or available when requested. ...
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Noah's Ark Daycare 
(310) 327-3083
17661 Yukon Avenue, Torrance, CA  90504
Every child has accidents of one kind or another. For this reason Torrance daycares may require that all children need to keep a full set of clothes at the center. When a child uses these clothes, parents should bring a replacement set on their next day of school. ...
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Crenshaw Children's Center 
(310) 323-8739
18909 Crenshaw Boulevard, Torrance, CA  90504
Through the course of the year Torrance daycares may offer many opportunities for parent involvement. With an understanding that many parents have work demands, these activities cover a wide variety of hours and levels of involvement. ...
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Vermont Avenue Baptist Church Preschool 
(310) 530-7383
23325 South Vermont Avenue, Torrance, CA  90502
Extra curricular activities at Torrance daycare facilities may include gymnastics, computer classes, performing arts, piano lessons and swim lessons. These activities usually involve a separate fee. ...
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Leap & Bound Academy 
(310) 543-7650
22410 Palos Verdes Boulevard, Torrance, CA  90505
Daycare programs in Torrance are designed to connect with children on many different levels.  A well balanced program is not only critical for preparation for kindergarten, but also for life. ...
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ABC Playhouse 
(310) 371-1231
18213 Prairie Avenue, Torrance, CA  90504
Toddler daycare in Torrance includes programs that encourage toddlers to share (toys and attention), play with others, separate from their parents, become potty-trained, while being introduced to learning activities and art experiences. ...
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Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Preschool 
(310) 542-1649
21100 Victor Street, Torrance, CA  90503
The length of programs for many Torrance daycare centers may vary considerably and include full-day or half-day (morning or afternoon) programs. Before and after school care may also be provided, as well as school age programs. ...
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Der Kinder Garden Pre Schools 
(310) 532-3000
2700 Redondo Beach Boulevard, Torrance, CA  90504
There is nothing sadder than having a sick child sitting in the office and the daycare cannot get a hold of anyone to pick them up. Parents should keep contact information up to date at the office. ...
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