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Overview and Information about Tampa Daycare

Making the Most from a Tampa Daycare Parent Teacher Conference

To get the most from a parent teacher conference at Tampa daycare centers, there are some basic things you can do to prepare ahead of time. It is recommended that you schedule a meeting time as early as possible so as to get a time that works best for your schedule. Most providers of daycare in Tampa FL will also encourage both you and your partner to attend, which shows the teacher that you are both involved in your child's education. For Tampa daycare centers, you should write down your questions ahead of time and bring them with you to the meeting. You can also compare notes with your partner after the meeting. An important consideration for your parent teacher meeting at a daycare in Tampa FL is to ensure that you ask your child how things are going, if they like their teacher, what things don't they like, are there any children they are having trouble with? Asking these questions and planning ahead can help you get the most from your parent teacher conference at Tampa daycare centers.
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Carlton Academy Day School 
(813) 944-2856
205 N Brush Street, Tampa, FL  33602
Daycare License Number: CTA 431823
Months of Operation: Year Round
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri: 7:30am - 6:00pm, Early drop off at 7am. ...
Step Ahead Academy 
(813) 933-7416
308 East 124th Avenue, Tampa, FL  33612
Programs offered by daycare in Tampa may include any combination of infant care, preschool, before and after school care, and summer camp programs. ...
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Beach Park School 
(813) 289-3747
4200 W North A Street, Tampa, FL  33609
Tampa daycare centers offer many different learning approaches and combinations for parents to consider including Montessori, Play Based, Developmental, Structured Learning with Play, Piaget and Teacher Led. ...
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Deloris Mccloud Head Start Center 
(813) 272-5410
2103 North Rome Avenue, Tampa, FL  33607
The length of programs for many Tampa daycare centers may vary considerably and include full-day or half-day (morning or afternoon) programs. Before and after school care may also be provided, as well as school age programs. ...
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Kidz Zoo Preschool & Day Care Center 
(813) 960-9087
15603 Hutchison Road, Tampa, FL  33625
For lunches there is usually a combination of three different options: parents can provide lunch for their child, the daycare will make lunches in their own kitchen, or lunch may be catered by an outside service. ...
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La Paloma Head Start 
(813) 276-8539
3419 North Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL  33605
Working parents with infants will find that some daycare centers in Tampa provide infant child care for as early as six weeks old. Programs may include hourly, half-day and full-day. ...
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Brookwood Academy 
(813) 628-4114
3820 Coconut Palm Dr, Tampa, FL  33619
Many Tampa daycare providers schedule both during school and after school activities where parents can be involved. During school activities may include holiday parties and monthly theme activities. After school activities may include graduation and back to school night. ...
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Alphabet Learning Center 
(813) 884-4542
4423 Kelly Road, Tampa, FL  33615
Toddler daycare in Tampa includes programs that encourage toddlers to share (toys and attention), play with others, separate from their parents, become potty-trained, while being introduced to learning activities and art experiences. ...
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Bayshore Christian School 
(813) 839-4297
3909 S MacDill Avenue, Tampa, FL  33611
Sending your child to a daycare in Tampa is an important step in helping your child to develop their brain to organize, think, create, and learn to nurture. From birth to four years of age a child's brain grows and develops as fast as their bodies. ...
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Montessori Community School 
(813) 886-2050
4930 Webb Road, Tampa, FL  33615
When you plan to visit a daycare in Tampa please bear in mind that the busy times of the day include early morning, lunch/nap time and end of day. It always appreciated if you call ahead to schedule a visit. ...
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School District Of Hillsborough County Head Start 
(813) 744-8088
6409 36th Avenue South, Tampa, FL  33619
Hiring staff is something that is taken very seriously at Tampa daycare centers. Staff must be experienced in working with young children, meet the educational requirements, have a love for children, and a passion for teaching. ...
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Fat Albert Day Care 
(813) 626-9604
4201 East Hanna Avenue, Tampa, FL  33610
An indicator of the quality and dedication of the daycare in Tampa is the tenure of the management and staff. When you visit the center, parents should take the time to speak with the director and staff that will be caring for your child. ...
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