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Quality Rogersville Preschools in Rogersville TN

Options for Rogersville Preschools, Child Care and Daycare Centers

Parents who are looking for Rogersville preschools will find that ChildCare Smiles offers quality online data for your review. Many of the child care and daycare facilities providing preschools in Rogersville TN are privately owned and have been established for more than 12 years. You will also find that with most Rogersville preschools, the owners are onsite. This is a good sign of the commitment to providing a great child care center. Never make a decision about a preschool in Rogersville TN without visiting the daycare first and meeting with the owners/staff. You may also wish to speak with the parents of other children who attend. Many Rogersville preschools are located in close proximity, offer onsite parking and are conveniently located for parents who wish to drop-in to see their child at any time. You can use the ChildCare Smiles website to locate preschools in Rogersville TN that are close to your home or work address. Simply type in your home or work address and your zip code, and a list of the closest child care, infant and daycare facilities (including summer camps) will be produced, along with centers in nearby cities.
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Keplar Head Start Child Care Center 
(423) 272-5572
1914 Burem Road, Rogersville, TN  37857
For many local preschools in Rogersville there are multiple subjects covered in a Parent Handbook including program description, holiday schedule, operational policies, health and nutrition, parent involvement and toileting policy. ...
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Uethda Head Start Child Care Center 
(423) 272-7989
904 East Main Street, Rogersville, TN  37857
When visiting preschools in Rogersville it is important to ensure that your child will be receiving an organized and challenging curriculum, a warm, clean and safe environment, and teachers who are experienced. ...
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Fugate Hill Head Start 
(423) 272-6325
400 Fugate Street, Rogersville, TN  37857
Preschools in Rogersville will have established rules, hours and rates that keep the door open and provide quality care for all. These are all outlined in a Parent Handbook that is specific to the local center. ...
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Kids Zone 
(423) 272-2515
139 Eagle Drive, Rogersville, TN  37857
If you are a low income family looking for preschools in Rogersville, there are different Government programs available that are accepted by some preschools. Contact your local government child care resources for more information. ...
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Stay And Play Child Care Center 
(423) 272-5242
714 Tuggle Hill Road, Rogersville, TN  37857
For preschools in Rogersville, programs may include full-day or half-day (morning and afternoon). Infant care programs, school age programs and before and after school care may also be provided. ...
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Wee Care Day Care Center 
(423) 272-7649
116 Burton Road, Rogersville, TN  37857
You can perform an online search for Rogersville preschools at ChildCare Smiles by specifying specific criteria, including: your child's age, learning approach, operating hours, faith based or non-faith-based. ...
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Daystar Christian Academy 
(423) 923-2116
5278 Hwy. 11 W, Rogersville, TN  37857
Preschools in Rogersville will usually post their menus on a regular basis, and sometimes on their website. Most preschools give you the option to bring your child's lunch or use their lunch service which may be in-house or catered. ...
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The Kids Play And Learn Center 
(423) 921-0224
107 Forest Hills Road, Rogersville, TN  37857
When you are at a local preschool, it is advisable to keep your child with you at all times. Don't let them run off while you are busy collecting things or talking. Children should visually supervised at all times. ...
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Friends At Play Preschool 
(423) 272-5912
110 Colonial Road, Rogersville, TN  37857
Before you and your child visit preschools in Rogersville please keep in mind that the busiest times of the day are early morning, lunch times and the end of day. It is advisable to call ahead to schedule a visit time. ...
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Preschool & Big Kids Learning Center 
(423) 921-9700
311 Ross Circle, Rogersville, TN  37857
Shoes with slick soles or shoes that are not firmly attached to a child's feet can cause a potential hazard when children climb, run and play at preschool. Tennis shoes are a preschooler's best friend. ...
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The Kid's Place 
(423) 272-2400
307 South Depot Street, Rogersville, TN  37857
Because gum is a messy problem if not disposed properly, most Rogersville preschools do not allow children to chew gum at school. If your child comes to school chewing gum, they will be asked to dispose of it before starting their day. ...
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Rogersville Presbyterian Church Preschool 
(423) 272-8439
309 West Kyle Street, Rogersville, TN  37857
Most local Rogersville preschools have an open door policy. Parents may wish to stop by any time.  Parents are also welcome to volunteer to participate in special events or field trips. ...
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