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Rochester Child Care Center and Preschool Informational Policies

For many Rochester child care and daycare centers, tuition is usually due in advance, and payment schedules are typically stated on a payment agreement contract. Parents should clearly identify payment information, schedules and potential late fees when considering a preschool and child care in Rochester NY. Tuition may also be required whether the child is in attendance or is absent. Late fees may also apply for payments not made according to the schedule and your child may not be permitted to attend preschools if the payment becomes delinquent for a certain period. At the discretion of the Rochester child care center, program schedules set up for your child must be maintained. Arrangements for different days and hours must usually be made in advance. For daycare and child care in Rochester NY there will be emergency procedures in place, and practiced on a regular basis. In addition, staff members will be certified in first aid and CPR. Preschool teachers periodically speak with children about what do in the event of an emergency e.g. fire and will practice drills to ensure children are adequately prepared. Rochester child care options are many and varied. There are child care providers that offer traditional preschool and kindergarten programs, full and half day preschools in Rochester NY, as well as infant care and before and after school care programs. Many Rochester childcare providers offer a specific type of learning approach or combination of learning approaches. For example, there are many child care providers that offer a developmental approach, an approach that is based on helping children thrive in learning and play. Other preschools in Rochester NY offer more formal approaches, including Montessori, Reggio Amelia. For more information about these approaches, please use the Resources section of our website.
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Ooey Gooey Playschool 
(585) 225-8830
550 Latona Road Bldg E, Rochester, NY  14626
For low income families looking for child care in Rochester there are government sponsored or subsidized programs available at some preschools and daycare facilities. You can check directly with the center or go to your State Government resources to find local providers. ...
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Stepping Stones Learning Center 
(585) 467-4567
41 Colebrook Drive, Rochester, NY  14617
When you contact or visit a child care in Rochester please keep in mind that the busiest time of the day are early morning, lunch/nap time and end of day. Call ahead to schedule a visit time. ...
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Bethesda Child Development Center 
(585) 544-1254
1065 Clinton Avenue N, Rochester, NY  14621
School age after school programs offer many opportunities for children to connect with others. When looking for child care in Rochester, parents should consider what sort of support is provided through after school programs at some daycare facilities and preschools. ...
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Irondequoit Cooperative Nursery School 
(585) 342-8190
121 Scholfield Road, Rochester, NY  14617
There are many ways a parent can search for child care in Rochester including finding daycare centers or preschools that are close to work, school or home. Be sure to ask about parking at the center. ...
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Between Friends 
(585) 244-7110
302 Goodman Street North, Rochester, NY  14607
Parents are welcome to volunteer to help with special school events and outings, for example, a Thanksgiving feast, or field trips. Many Rochester childcare providers, preschools and daycare centers support an open door policy, and invite parents to drop in any time to observe. ...
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New Day Christian Preschool Park Ridge Church 
(585) 227-0990
10 Straub Road, Rochester, NY  14626
When seeking child care in Rochester you should ensure that the provider is licensed and will provide the license number. Preschools are licensed for a specific capacity. ...
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Little Hearts Child Care 
(585) 254-5060
152 Lily Street, Rochester, NY  14615
When considering child care in Rochester, the child to adult ratio is an important measure because it potentially impacts the level of individual attention your child will receive. Lower child to adult ratios are preferable. ...
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Keshet Preschool 
(585) 473-1190
139 Winton Road South, Rochester, NY  14610
Many daycare and childcare providers in Rochester provide opportunities for parents to participate in their little one's world by bringing the events of that daily world to the parents through ongoing communication, and through periodic opportunities to volunteer to help or attend a special event at the school. ...
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Messiah Lutheran Church ELCA & Nursery School 
(585) 865-5108
4301 Mount Read Boulevard, Rochester, NY  14616
Before visiting a Rochester child care center, parents should make a checklist of all the items they would like to cover during the center tour. There is a checklist available in the Resources section of the ChildCare Smiles website. ...
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Friendship Childrens Center 
(585) 342-7250
310 Fernwood Avenue, Rochester, NY  14609
There are many ways a parent can search for child care in Rochester including finding daycare centers or preschools that are close to work, school or home. Be sure to ask about parking at the center. ...
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Cobblestone School 
(585) 271-4548
10 Prince Street, Rochester, NY  14607
If you are a busy working parent, there are many local facilities that provide after school programs for school age children. These programs include help with homework, healthy snacks, indoor enrichment and physical activities. ...
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ABC Head Start Child Care Center 
(585) 482-8914
1772 Clifford Avenue, Rochester, NY  14604
Rochester child care providers often incorporate a daily learning approach and development plans that are carefully crafted to provide a safe environment for children to develop and learn through creative play, age appropriate lesson materials and teacher support and guidance. ...
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