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Commitment to Parents

A Quality Experience for Parents who are Looking for Child Care Providers

ChildCare Smiles has been designed by parents and child care providers to meet the needs of parents.  Parents want to look for child care providers in a way that works for them and we are committed to providing great information about center-based, local child care providers, which include preschools, kindergartens, day care and educational centers.  The ChildCare Smiles commitment includes helping parents:

Find information about child care providers quickly and easily, without having to search through websites or make many phone calls to get it.
Find child care providers that meet your own personal and family criteria.
View quality information in a simple, consistent, and easy-to-read format, online.
Compare consistent information between child care providers, online.
Read current and informative parent reviews about child care providers, online.

At Childcare Smiles, we are committed to providing a quick and easy way for parents to perform a specific search for a center-based child care provider, get consistent and quality information, and be able to easily compare online with other child care providers.  We put great information at your fingertips by offering the following features in the search for child care providers.

ChildCare Smiles Features for Parents Seeking Child Care Providers

Through our Basic and Advanced Search functions, you can quickly and easily find the right child care provider based on specific search criteria, including: location, learning approach, ages served, hours of operation, religious affiliation and more.
Each child care provider profile is easy-to-read, well organized and can be printed in a few pages. You will have great information to narrow down your search and call or visit the provider.
Our Compare feature enables you to compare the profiles of child care providers, side-by-side, online.  You can print the comparison and use this information to evaluate the child care providers.
You'll find photos of the child care providers in each profile.  These photos can be enlarged online to give you a great visual tour.
From the child care providers profile you can send an email directly to the provider, click through to their website, and retrieve a map with driving directions from your address.
Our sole focus is to create a great experience for parents to select and research child care providers.
No sign-up required and it's free.