Information for Parents about Pasadena CA Child Care

Operational Guidelines for Preschools, Daycare and Child Care in Pasadena CA

Generally, before starting in a Pasadena child care program, parents must complete all paperwork and submit it prior or on the child's first day. Sometimes a Physicians Report may take longer to obtain, and a grace period (e.g. 30 days) may be provided if extra time is needed to arrange a doctor's appointment. The doctor's report will typically identify completed vaccinations, allergies and any conditions that will require special handling. For daycare and child care in Pasadena CA, if these forms are not completed it may result in your child's enrollment being suspended. It is important that parents keep their information up to date at the local Pasadena child care office. If you move, change jobs, or phone numbers, or if your emergency contacts should change phone numbers, please let the preschool office know. Parents should review their authorized pick up lists to ensure that it is current in the event that you send someone to pick up your child from preschools or child care in Pasadena CA. Even if you send someone to pick up your child, you will have to call the daycare center even if that person is on your child's emergency pick up list.To get your child off to a great start at a daycare in Pasadena CA, talk to your child about daycare and all the great things to look forward to. Tell him or her about the wonderful things they are going to explore. Children often enjoy being able to go to the store for a lunchbox and school bag before school begins. Many Pasadena daycare centers will offer opportunities for your child to visit before your child starts. Tell your child the teacher's name and remind her/him that you will be coming to pick them up at the end of the day. Separation is natural and affects different children in different ways. For providers of childcare in Pasadena CA, on your child's first two days of daycare, plan to have your child leave earlier than their normal schedule. Several hours can be a very long time to a child in a new situation. Most Pasadena child care centers will allow you to make arrangements so that you can spend time in the classroom with them. When it is time to leave, please give your child a clear goodbye. The teachers will take over and engage your child and start developing a relationship and comforting them. Also many daycares in Pasadena CA will encourage you to check on your child's progress, so feel free to do so!
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Pasadena Progressive Montessori 
(626) 792-4821
615 South Catalina Avenue, Pasadena, CA  91106
When seeking child care in Pasadena you should ensure that the provider is licensed and will provide the license number. Preschools are licensed for a specific capacity. ...
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First United Methodist Church & Preschool 
(626) 796-0157
500 E Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA  91101
Some centers offer potty training, however an extra fee may be involved. For local Pasadena child care centers, parents should ask about potty training requirements and whether children who are not potty-trained will be accommodated. ...
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Kids' Klub Pasadena 
(626) 795-2501
380 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA  91105
Parents are welcome to volunteer to help with special school events and outings, for example, a Thanksgiving feast, or field trips. Many Pasadena childcare providers, preschools and daycare centers support an open door policy, and invite parents to drop in any time to observe. ...
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Bethany Lutheran Child Care 
(626) 792-1601
2670 La Tierra Street, Pasadena, CA  91107
When considering child care in Pasadena, the child to adult ratio is an important measure because it potentially impacts the level of individual attention your child will receive. Lower child to adult ratios are preferable. ...
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Pasadena Unified School District Preschool 
(626) 799-7293
1135 South Euclid Avenue, Pasadena, CA  91106
Childcare centers in Pasadena often provide a combined curriculum of developmental, play based, and teacher led learning approaches. They are primarily theme based, with an emphasis on play based learning and building a fun and meaningful curriculum around it. ...
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Tiny World Pre-School 
(626) 568-8469
1977 East Villa Street, Pasadena, CA  91107
Some providers of child care in Pasadena require a minimum level of parent involvement including volunteering at activities or help with special events. This is often a great way to meet other parents as well as enrich your child's learning experience. ...
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Sunrise Preschool 
(626) 351-9899
3700 E. Sierra Madre Boulevard, Pasadena, CA  91107
A nutritious breakfast, snack and lunch each day that includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables may be provided by some local preschools and child care facilities. Some even provide homemade meals. ...
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The Waverly School 
(626) 792-5940
67 West Bellevue Drive, Pasadena, CA  91105
Before visiting a Pasadena child care center, parents should make a checklist of all the items they would like to cover during the center tour. There is a checklist available in the Resources section of the ChildCare Smiles website. ...
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Scott United Methodist Preschool 
(626) 793-0543
444 North Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena, CA  91103
Parents are welcome to bring cereal or other simple breakfast food for their child/children at many Pasadena child care facilities and preschools; often they will gladly provide milk and a helping hand. ...
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Happy Sunshine Kids 
(626) 744-9111
169 N Halstead Street, Pasadena, CA  91107
For low income families looking for child care in Pasadena there are government sponsored or subsidized programs available at some preschools and daycare facilities. You can check directly with the center or go to your State Government resources to find local providers. ...
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San Marino Montessori School 
(626) 577-8007
444 S. Sierra Madre Boulevard, Pasadena, CA  91107
Infant child care in Pasadena can be a great alternative for working parents. Some providers offer care for infants as early as six weeks of age and offer both full and half day infant care programs. ...
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Living Way Day Care Center 
(626) 791-4864
2495 East Mountain Street, Pasadena, CA  91104
A nutritious breakfast, snack and lunch each day that includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables may be provided by some local preschools and child care facilities. Some even provide homemade meals. ...
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