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Quality Orangeburg Preschools in Orangeburg SC

Options for Orangeburg Preschools, Child Care and Daycare Centers

Parents who are looking for Orangeburg preschools will find that ChildCare Smiles offers quality online data for your review. Many of the child care and daycare facilities providing preschools in Orangeburg SC are privately owned and have been established for more than 12 years. You will also find that with most Orangeburg preschools, the owners are onsite. This is a good sign of the commitment to providing a great child care center. Never make a decision about a preschool in Orangeburg SC without visiting the daycare first and meeting with the owners/staff. You may also wish to speak with the parents of other children who attend. Many Orangeburg preschools are located in close proximity, offer onsite parking and are conveniently located for parents who wish to drop-in to see their child at any time. You can use the ChildCare Smiles website to locate preschools in Orangeburg SC that are close to your home or work address. Simply type in your home or work address and your zip code, and a list of the closest child care, infant and daycare facilities (including summer camps) will be produced, along with centers in nearby cities.
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The Children's Corner 
(803) 536-3217
691 Berry Street Northeast, Orangeburg, SC  29115
There are many Orangeburg preschools that emphasize the process of a child's work rather than the finished product. By doing this, it helps to promote a sense of accomplishment and pride in your child's work. ...
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First Steps Learning Center 
(803) 531-222
1860 Walker Avenue, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Summer camps are often a wonderful way for kids to spend their summer breaks. Many preschools in Orangeburg will provide well-organized local camps where children can have fun and be supervised by an adult. ...
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Orangeburg Christian Academy 
(803) 536-0121
3769 Cameron Road, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Orangeburg preschools may also provide additional care options for children, including infant care, before/after school care, school age programs and Summer Camps. ...
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Greater Faith Baptist Church Daycare 
(803) 536-5258
203 Dorchester Avenue, Orangeburg, SC  29115
When you wish to withdraw your child from local preschools in Orangeburg, you will usually be required to provide written notice in advance (e.g. two weeks). It is common that this is also a requirement even for those graduating and moving on to kindergarten. ...
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Trinity United Methodist School 
(803) 533-1182
185 Boulevard Street, Orangeburg, SC  29115
You can perform an online search for Orangeburg preschools at ChildCare Smiles by specifying specific criteria, including: your child's age, learning approach, operating hours, faith based or non-faith-based. ...
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Sugar N Spice Child Care Center 
(803) 531-3405
131 Willington Road, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Shoes with slick soles or shoes that are not firmly attached to a child's feet can cause a potential hazard when children climb, run and play at preschool. Tennis shoes are a preschooler's best friend. ...
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Little Lambs Child Development Center 
(803) 531-5533
1450 Ridgewood Drive, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Orangeburg preschools may also provide additional care options for children, including infant care, before/after school care, school age programs and Summer Camps. ...
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Kid's House 
(803) 536-9183
1073 Eutaw Street, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Before you and your child visit preschools in Orangeburg please keep in mind that the busiest times of the day are early morning, lunch times and the end of day. It is advisable to call ahead to schedule a visit time. ...
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Green's Day Care Center 
(803) 534-4907
760 Five Chop Road, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Most local Orangeburg preschools have an open door policy. Parents may wish to stop by any time.  Parents are also welcome to volunteer to participate in special events or field trips. ...
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Raggedy Ann & Andy Day Care 
(803) 536-5492
711 Dantzler Street, Orangeburg, SC  29115
For preschools in Orangeburg, programs may include full-day or half-day (morning and afternoon). Infant care programs, school age programs and before and after school care may also be provided. ...
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Kidz Will Be Kidz Daycare 
(803) 531-2179
1292 Sawyer Street, Orangeburg, SC  29115
When you are at a local preschool, it is advisable to keep your child with you at all times. Don't let them run off while you are busy collecting things or talking. Children should visually supervised at all times. ...
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St Paul's United Methodist Church Kindergarten 
(803) 534-6518
1356 Amelia Street, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Dropping your child off at a preschool is harder on the parents than it is on the child. It is recommended to provide a short good-bye, rather than a long good-bye. ...
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