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Quality Orangeburg Preschools in Orangeburg SC

Multiple Programs Offered by Orangeburg Preschools

For preschools in Orangeburg SC, there are a number of different programs to choose from. Many Orangeburg preschools and child care centers offer a combination of infant care, preschool, daycare, before and after school care, and summer camp programs. Infant care programs typically involve a small number of infants and a much lower child to adult ratio. Depending on the daycare, you may or may not be required to provide diapers, baby formula, bottles etc. For preschools in Orangeburg SC there are usually a limited number of available infant care openings, so it is recommended that you plan ahead. Orangeburg preschools that offer preschool programs and child care may also offer a summer camp program for children from preschool age through school age. Summer camps are often a great way to keep the kids occupied during the summer months. For preschools in Orangeburg SC, summer camps include a myriad of outdoor and indoor activities, as well as educational and social opportunities. It is recommended that you book ahead (early in the year) to reserve a spot for your child, as summer camps fill up quickly.
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New Hope Christian School 
(803) 534-4673
2733 Old Edisto Drive, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Because gum is a messy problem if not disposed properly, most Orangeburg preschools do not allow children to chew gum at school. If your child comes to school chewing gum, they will be asked to dispose of it before starting their day. ...
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Kidz Konnection 
(803) 534-3953
1166 Zion Church Road, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Typically, children are not allowed to bring toys to Orangeburg preschools. The only exception is when there is a designated Share Day. No toys of violence are allowed for any reason at any time. ...
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Garden Children's Center 
(803) 534-4638
2930 Russell Street, Orangeburg, SC  29115
For many local preschools in Orangeburg there are multiple subjects covered in a Parent Handbook including program description, holiday schedule, operational policies, health and nutrition, parent involvement and toileting policy. ...
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Little Lambs Child Development Center 
(803) 531-5533
1450 Ridgewood Drive, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Preschools in Orangeburg will have established rules, hours and rates that keep the door open and provide quality care for all. These are all outlined in a Parent Handbook that is specific to the local center. ...
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ABC's & 123's Preschool 
(803) 533-0364
320 Clarendon Avenue, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Many preschools in Orangeburg provide healthy and nutritious snacks (both morning and afternoon). Lunch may also be provided and is either made in-house or catered to a third part y service. ...
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St Paul's United Methodist Church Kindergarten 
(803) 534-6518
1356 Amelia Street, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Shoes with slick soles or shoes that are not firmly attached to a child's feet can cause a potential hazard when children climb, run and play at preschool. Tennis shoes are a preschooler's best friend. ...
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Sheridan Elementary School Child Development Center 
(803) 543-7504
1139 Hillsboro Road, Orangeburg, SC  29115
If your child is in a morning half-day program at Orangeburg preschools, it is recommended that you pick your child up on time, as other children may be napping or in quiet time. ...
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The Children's Corner 
(803) 536-3217
691 Berry Street Northeast, Orangeburg, SC  29115
If your child is in a morning half-day program at Orangeburg preschools, it is recommended that you pick your child up on time, as other children may be napping or in quiet time. ...
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Greater Faith Baptist Church Daycare 
(803) 536-5258
203 Dorchester Avenue, Orangeburg, SC  29115
When looking for preschools in Orangeburg, an important consideration is the child to adult ratio.  Lower child to adult ratios are preferable because it potentially impacts the level of individual attention children receive. ...
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Green's Day Care Center 
(803) 534-4907
760 Five Chop Road, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Many preschools in Orangeburg have programs that are designed to stimulate sensory, motor, perceptual, and language skills through materials and activities. Activities may be teacher-directed and child-centered. ...
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Sugar N Spice Child Care Center 
(803) 531-3405
131 Willington Road, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Before you and your child visit preschools in Orangeburg please keep in mind that the busiest times of the day are early morning, lunch times and the end of day. It is advisable to call ahead to schedule a visit time. ...
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Kid's House 
(803) 536-9183
1073 Eutaw Street, Orangeburg, SC  29115
Preschools in Orangeburg will usually post their menus on a regular basis, and sometimes on their website. Most preschools give you the option to bring your child's lunch or use their lunch service which may be in-house or catered. ...
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