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Overview and Information about Little Rock Daycare

Parent Involvement at Daycare in Little Rock AR

You will find that most centers that provide daycare in Little Rock AR offer many opportunities for parents to become active and involved with daycare activities. Some centers will have a mandatory requirement for parent involvement, while others do not. All Little Rock daycare centers are however conscious of the work and schedule demands of parents, and will try to schedule activities to cover a wide variety of hours and levels of involvement. Progress reports are important element for parents and daycares in Little Rock AR. Formal progress reports are issued on a periodic basis, and daycare parent teacher conferences are also made available. Also, if you have a question or concern, be sure to talk to your child's teacher. The Director at Little Rock daycare centers will be available for questions or concerns as well.
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Esthers Child Care Center 
(501) 791-3417
1005 W 34th Street N, Little Rock, AR  72118
Quality Little Rock daycare programs will use theme based learning. For example, February is Community Helper, March is Animals, etc. Using these themes teachers will plan learning activities to teach. ...
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Geyer Springs Elementary Pre-k 
(501) 570-4160
5240 Mabelvale Pike, Little Rock, AR  72209
An open door policy for parents is common with many daycares in Little Rock. Parents can stop by and observe their children or volunteer to assist with special events or field trips during and after school. ...
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Franklin Care Center 
(501) 447-4600
1701 South Harrison, Little Rock, AR  72204
Many Little Rock daycare providers schedule both during school and after school activities where parents can be involved. During school activities may include holiday parties and monthly theme activities. After school activities may include graduation and back to school night. ...
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Pleasant Valley Day School 
(501) 225-5818
10900 Rodney Parham, Little Rock, AR  72212
When evaluating the level of attention your child will receive at a daycare in Little Rock, an initial indicator is the number of children to adult ratio. Be sure to find out the ratio for the class that your child will be attending. ...
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Hunter Child Care Center 
(501) 225-7691
3301 Romine Road, Little Rock, AR  72204
Sending your child to a daycare in Little Rock is an important step in helping your child to develop their brain to organize, think, create, and learn to nurture. From birth to four years of age a child's brain grows and develops as fast as their bodies. ...
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Christ Lutheran School 
(501) 663-5212
315 S Hughes Street, Little Rock, AR  72205
Many daycares in Little Rock will ask that if your child is ill you keep them home until they are no longer contagious and are able to actively participate at school, inside and out. ...
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Watershed Child Development Center 
(501) 374-8811
3701 Springer Boulevard, Little Rock, AR  72206
For parents to obtain feedback, many daycares in Little Rock offer Parent Teacher Conferences that may be scheduled twice per year, or available when requested. ...
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Kennedy Headstart 
(501) 565-6533
4901 W 65th Street, Little Rock, AR  72209
Low income families should consult directly with the daycare in Little Rock or your State and Local Government resources regarding whether government sponsored/subsidized programs are available for your child. ...
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Ark Quality Accredited 
(501) 455-0751
6 Otter Creek Court, Little Rock, AR  72210
Little Rock daycare centers offer many different learning approaches and combinations for parents to consider including Montessori, Play Based, Developmental, Structured Learning with Play, Piaget and Teacher Led. ...
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Johnsons Montessori School 
(501) 614-3860
2 Van Circle, Little Rock, AR  72207
Parents can search in many ways for a daycare in Little Rock including finding providers that have specific type or combination of learning approach e.g. Montessori, Play based, Developmental, Teacher Led Instruction. ...
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Pa Pas Learning Center 
(501) 244-0077
723 Beech N, Little Rock, AR  72114
Working parents with infants will find that some daycare centers in Little Rock provide infant child care for as early as six weeks old. Programs may include hourly, half-day and full-day. ...
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North Heights Elementary Preschool 
(501) 771-8180
4901 North Allen N, Little Rock, AR  72118
When children are not feeling well and are struggling to keep up, the preschool environment can become overwhelming for them. For this reason many Little Rock daycare providers have guidelines for determining if your child is too sick for school. ...
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