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Quality Jackson Preschools in Jackson TN

Parent Ideas for Jackson Preschools, Child Care Centers, Daycare Providers

When considering preschools in Jackson TN, the best way to see what child cares and daycare centers are really like is to schedule a tour and meet with the Director and staff. Before you visit Jackson preschools, be sure to make a list of the questions you would like to ask. Here a just a few suggestions of items to cover: learning approach, size of class, hours and schedules (including vacation), admissions process, meals, parent participation requirements, program information, fees and tuition. If the preschools in Jackson TN already have a profile with ChildCare Smiles then you will be able to view and print most of this information ahead of time. This will then enable you to focus your attention on the visual aspects and gut feelings about the child care and daycare centers that you visit. An important factor when visiting Jackson preschools is to ensure that your child will be receiving an organized and challenging curriculum, a warm, safe and clean environment, and teachers who are experienced and ideally have long tenure. When you visit preschools in Jackson TN then don't forget to take your child with you and observe how he/she reacts in this new environment.
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West Jackson After Care Center 
(901) 427-2841
227 Mccowat Street, Jackson, TN  38301
There are many Jackson preschools that emphasize the process of a child's work rather than the finished product. By doing this, it helps to promote a sense of accomplishment and pride in your child's work. ...
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Happy Land Learning Center 
(901) 427-6999
947 N Highland Avenue, Jackson, TN  38301
Preschools in Jackson will usually post their menus on a regular basis, and sometimes on their website. Most preschools give you the option to bring your child's lunch or use their lunch service which may be in-house or catered. ...
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Evelyn's Learning House 
(901) 265-0436
25 Cloverdale Street, Jackson, TN  38301
When looking for preschools in Jackson, an important consideration is the child to adult ratio.  Lower child to adult ratios are preferable because it potentially impacts the level of individual attention children receive. ...
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Cawthon's Day Care 
(901) 424-1356
103 Alice Street, Jackson, TN  38301
Typically, children are not allowed to bring toys to Jackson preschools. The only exception is when there is a designated Share Day. No toys of violence are allowed for any reason at any time. ...
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Wee Care Too 
(901) 935-7362
451 E. Baltimore, Jackson, TN  38301
Many preschools in Jackson have programs that are designed to stimulate sensory, motor, perceptual, and language skills through materials and activities. Activities may be teacher-directed and child-centered. ...
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Wee Care Learning Center 
(901) 424-6465
1000 E. Chester, Jackson, TN  38301
Because gum is a messy problem if not disposed properly, most Jackson preschools do not allow children to chew gum at school. If your child comes to school chewing gum, they will be asked to dispose of it before starting their day. ...
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Washington Douglass Head Start 
(731) 424-4842
409 East Iselin Street, Jackson, TN  38305
Dropping your child off at a preschool is harder on the parents than it is on the child. It is recommended to provide a short good-bye, rather than a long good-bye. ...
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Kids Kount 
(901) 427-1911
528 Wilson Street, Jackson, TN  38301
Most local Jackson preschools have an open door policy. Parents may wish to stop by any time.  Parents are also welcome to volunteer to participate in special events or field trips. ...
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Cerro Gordo Child Development Center 
(901) 422-4815
1214 Cerro Gordo Road, Jackson, TN  38301
Before you and your child visit preschools in Jackson please keep in mind that the busiest times of the day are early morning, lunch times and the end of day. It is advisable to call ahead to schedule a visit time. ...
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Wee Care Advanced 
(901) 424-3243
100 Vance Street, Jackson, TN  38301
When you are at a local preschool, it is advisable to keep your child with you at all times. Don't let them run off while you are busy collecting things or talking. Children should visually supervised at all times. ...
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Powerhouse Day Care Center 
(901) 423-2853
1683 E. Chester Street, Jackson, TN  38301
Jackson preschools may also provide additional care options for children, including infant care, before/after school care, school age programs and Summer Camps. ...
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Lebonheur Early Intervention And Development 
(731) 422-5455
429 East Main Street, Jackson, TN  38301
School age programs offer opportunities for children to connect with others. Some local Jackson preschools provide school age programs after school that include helping children with homework. ...
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