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Overview and Information about Huntsville Daycare

Guidelines for Healthy Huntsville Daycare Centers

A happy school is a healthy school for daycare children and staff at Huntsville daycare centers. Daycare facilities are noisy, high energy places and a typical day requires a child to be at 100% capacity. When children are not feeling well and struggling to keep up, the school environment can be overwhelming for them. For this reason, centers that provide daycare in Huntsville AL will have guidelines for parents to follow in determining if a child is too sick for school. In the event that your child becomes ill, Huntsville daycare centers will require you or your designated emergency contacts to pick up your child within a specified time period e.g. 30 minutes. Although daycare centers in Huntsville AL recognize that picking up your child during the day may create a hardship, it is in the child's best interest. Huntsville daycare centers also recommend that if your child is ill, then please keep them home until they are no longer contagious and are able to actively participate at school, inside and out.
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Genesis Child Development Center 
(256) 746-1199
2107 Mastin Lake Road, Huntsville, AL  35810
Parents should make a list of all the questions and items they would like to cover during the visit and tour of their local Huntsville daycare. The ChildCare Smiles website provides many ideas and tips for parents about things to consider when selecting a provider. ...
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Apple Book Children's School 
(256) 489-2230
2121 Jordan Lane, Huntsville, AL  35816
Hiring staff is something that is taken very seriously at Huntsville daycare centers. Staff must be experienced in working with young children, meet the educational requirements, have a love for children, and a passion for teaching. ...
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Cerro Vista Head Start Center 
(256) 551-1098
3505 Cerro Vista, Huntsville, AL  35810
An open door policy for parents is common with many daycares in Huntsville. Parents can stop by and observe their children or volunteer to assist with special events or field trips during and after school. ...
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Taylor'd For Kids Christian CDC 
(256) 851-1206
5045 N Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL  35810
Many Huntsville daycare programs provide an emphasis on the process of a child's work rather than the finished product. This helps to promote a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. ...
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Huntsville Child Care Center 
(256) 536-8131
2000 A Vernon Avenue, Huntsville, AL  35805
When evaluating the level of attention your child will receive at a daycare in Huntsville, an initial indicator is the number of children to adult ratio. Be sure to find out the ratio for the class that your child will be attending. ...
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Barbara Drive Head Start 
(256) 534-4704
2820 Barbara Drive, Huntsville, AL  35816
When looking for a daycare in Huntsville, an effective curriculum should incorporate sensory, motor, perceptual, and language skills through materials and activities, which are both child-centered and teacher-directed. ...
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Kenwood Drive Head Start 
(256) 852-2709
3501 Kenwood Drive, Huntsville, AL  35810
When you plan to visit a daycare in Huntsville please bear in mind that the busy times of the day include early morning, lunch/nap time and end of day. It always appreciated if you call ahead to schedule a visit. ...
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Growing Smiles Learning Daycare Center 
(256) 851-0086
6025 Mastin Lake Road, Huntsville, AL  35810
When children are not feeling well and are struggling to keep up, the preschool environment can become overwhelming for them. For this reason many Huntsville daycare providers have guidelines for determining if your child is too sick for school. ...
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Kids Space Palace 
(256) 859-0930
222 Homer Nance Road, Huntsville, AL  35811
There is nothing sadder than having a sick child sitting in the office and the daycare cannot get a hold of anyone to pick them up. Parents should keep contact information up to date at the office. ...
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Creative Beginnings Child Dev Center 
(256) 851-1994
10128 N Memorial Pkwy, Huntsville, AL  35810
Sending your child to a daycare in Huntsville is an important step in helping your child to develop their brain to organize, think, create, and learn to nurture. From birth to four years of age a child's brain grows and develops as fast as their bodies. ...
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Meridian Street Head Start Center 
(256) 534-3110
3112 Meridian Street, Huntsville, AL  35810
Programs offered by daycare in Huntsville may include any combination of infant care, preschool, before and after school care, and summer camp programs. ...
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Council Court Head Start Center 
(256) 536-0302
710 Gallatin Street, Huntsville, AL  35801
Huntsville daycare centers offer many different learning approaches and combinations for parents to consider including Montessori, Play Based, Developmental, Structured Learning with Play, Piaget and Teacher Led. ...
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