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Overview and Information about Houston Daycare

Guidelines for Healthy Houston Daycare Centers

A happy school is a healthy school for daycare children and staff at Houston daycare centers. Daycare facilities are noisy, high energy places and a typical day requires a child to be at 100% capacity. When children are not feeling well and struggling to keep up, the school environment can be overwhelming for them. For this reason, centers that provide daycare in Houston TX will have guidelines for parents to follow in determining if a child is too sick for school. In the event that your child becomes ill, Houston daycare centers will require you or your designated emergency contacts to pick up your child within a specified time period e.g. 30 minutes. Although daycare centers in Houston TX recognize that picking up your child during the day may create a hardship, it is in the child's best interest. Houston daycare centers also recommend that if your child is ill, then please keep them home until they are no longer contagious and are able to actively participate at school, inside and out.
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Memorial Drive Presbyterian Children's Day In 
(713) 784-0820
245 Blalock Drive, Houston, TX  77024
Dropping your child off at a daycare in Houston is a lot harder on the parent than it is on the child. However, long good-byes are more difficult than a short good-bye. Hold firm and don't cave in. ...
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Lakewood Montessori School 
(281) 370-9054
12127 Malcolmson Road, Houston, TX  77070
Parents should make a list of all the questions and items they would like to cover during the visit and tour of their local Houston daycare. The ChildCare Smiles website provides many ideas and tips for parents about things to consider when selecting a provider. ...
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Bethany United Methodist Weekday School 
(713) 667-7155
3511 Linkwood Drive, Houston, TX  77025
Many daycares in Houston will ask that if your child is ill you keep them home until they are no longer contagious and are able to actively participate at school, inside and out. ...
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Kinsmen Lutheran Child Development Center 
(281) 444-3127
12100 Champion Forest Drive, Houston, TX  77066
There is nothing sadder than having a sick child sitting in the office and the daycare cannot get a hold of anyone to pick them up. Parents should keep contact information up to date at the office. ...
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St. Luke's Day School 
(713) 552-1932
3410 West Alabama, Houston, TX  77027
For parents it is reasonable to expect that Houston daycare centers will have established rules, hours and rates that keep the door open and provide quality care for all. ...
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Sherwood Forest Montessori 
(713) 464-5791
1331 Sherwood Forest Street, Houston, TX  77043
Every child has accidents of one kind or another. For this reason Houston daycares may require that all children need to keep a full set of clothes at the center. When a child uses these clothes, parents should bring a replacement set on their next day of school. ...
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Brentwood Children's Academy 
(281) 463-7409
6903 Huffmeister Road, Houston, TX  77065
For parents to obtain feedback, many daycares in Houston offer Parent Teacher Conferences that may be scheduled twice per year, or available when requested. ...
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St. Nicholas Child Care Center 
(713) 791-9980
1920 N Braeswood, Houston, TX  77030
When you plan to visit a daycare in Houston please bear in mind that the busy times of the day include early morning, lunch/nap time and end of day. It always appreciated if you call ahead to schedule a visit. ...
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Fay School and Preschool 
(713) 681-8300
105 N Post Oak Boulevard, Houston, TX  77024
When evaluating the level of attention your child will receive at a daycare in Houston, an initial indicator is the number of children to adult ratio. Be sure to find out the ratio for the class that your child will be attending. ...
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Busy Bee Day Care & Pre School 
(713) 721-8455
12515 Fondren Road, Houston, TX  77035
Low income families should consult directly with the daycare in Houston or your State and Local Government resources regarding whether government sponsored/subsidized programs are available for your child. ...
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St Agnes Christian Academy Pre School 
(713) 733-3040
3730 S Acres Drive, Houston, TX  77047
Programs offered by daycare in Houston may include any combination of infant care, preschool, before and after school care, and summer camp programs. ...
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First Steps Montessori 
(713) 622-3600
2450 River Oaks Boulevard, Houston, TX  77019
Some Houston daycare providers offer school age programs after school that provide homework assistance as well as fully supervised activities including physical exercise. ...
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