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Parent Considerations for Daycare and Child Care in Houston

Child care Tips for Parents: Medication can be administered to your child at Houston child care centers however there are strict guidelines that parents must follow. Prescription medication must be in the original container with an unaltered label and have your child's name clearly identified on the label. A Medical Release Form will typically need to be completed that provides details of all medications, dosage and times to be given. Preschools and providers of child care in Houston TX will only administer "Over the Counter" medication with a doctor's note. Medications must be given directly to the preschool or daycare personnel, and do not leave medication in your child's lunch box or classroom. You should also check with your Houston child care provider to determine the hours during which they will be able to administer medications. For example some providers of daycare and child care in Houston TX do not administer during the hours when children are taking naps. Quality providers of child care in Houston TX will have written emergency procedures that are practiced periodically (usually monthly). In addition, staff members will be certified in first aid and CPR. For Houston child care centers, teachers discuss emergency preparedness with children on a regular basis. For example they will discuss fire drills, what they will hear, and what they are expected to do. Daycare emergency drills may be carried out on both an informed and surprise basis to ensure that everyone is adequately prepared. Providers of child care in Houston TX may require that parents provide an emergency kit for their children. Usually these kits will are due on your child's first day of daycare, and will need to be updated yearly. Each Houston daycare will have different requirements for the contents of the emergency kit. Examples of the contents include: bottled water, granola bars (not chocolate), Kleenex, an index card with your child's contact information and emergency contacts.
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Holy Cross Lutheran Preschool 
(713) 686-8253
7901 Westview, Houston, TX  77055
When seeking child care in Houston you should ensure that the provider is licensed and will provide the license number. Preschools are licensed for a specific capacity. ...
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Ms Janet's Children Of The Future Child Care 
(281) 464-2366
12490 Scarsdale Boulevard, Houston, TX  77089
Parents are welcome to bring cereal or other simple breakfast food for their child/children at many Houston child care facilities and preschools; often they will gladly provide milk and a helping hand. ...
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Nassau Bay Baptist Church and Preschool 
(281) 333-3844
18131 Nassau Bay Drive, Houston, TX  77058
Most Houston child care centers require an upfront, non-refundable registration fee for your child to be enrolled. In addition there may be a re-enrollment fee each year. Often there are sibling discounts available for multiple children. ...
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Jones Childhood Development Center 
(713) 470-5620
1115 Kipling, Houston, TX  77006
Childcare programs in Houston are designed to connect with each child on many levels. The foundation of a child's learning is not only preparation for kindergarten, but also for life. Many strive to balance a school program with age appropriate play, teacher support and environment. ...
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Head Start Child Care Center 
(281) 835-3504
4910 Raven Ridge Drive, Houston, TX  77053
If your child is enrolling in a Houston childcare center, along with required medical records and registration and material fees, parents submit completed information and permission forms provided in an enrollment package. ...
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Cornerstone United Methodist Church and Preschool 
(281) 859-1612
15919 Ridge Park Drive, Houston, TX  77095
There are many safety and security features to protect your children at Houston child care centers and preschools. Some of these include sign in/out sheets, automatic locking doors with key code access, security cameras and background checks for staff. ...
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Northwood Montessori School 
(281) 444-9433
14901 Welcome Lane, Houston, TX  77014
For low income families looking for child care in Houston there are government sponsored or subsidized programs available at some preschools and daycare facilities. You can check directly with the center or go to your State Government resources to find local providers. ...
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Lakewood Montessori School 
(281) 370-9054
12127 Malcolmson Road, Houston, TX  77070
Many daycare and childcare providers in Houston provide opportunities for parents to participate in their little one's world by bringing the events of that daily world to the parents through ongoing communication, and through periodic opportunities to volunteer to help or attend a special event at the school. ...
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Kingdom Kidz Kare 
(713) 691-9800
902 Granville Drive, Houston, TX  77091
When considering child care in Houston, the child to adult ratio is an important measure because it potentially impacts the level of individual attention your child will receive. Lower child to adult ratios are preferable. ...
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Red Apple Private School & Child Care 
(713) 771-7913
7605 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX  77074
Parents are welcome to bring cereal or other simple breakfast food for their child/children at many Houston child care facilities and preschools; often they will gladly provide milk and a helping hand. ...
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The Little Schoolhouse 
(713) 681-3884
2071 Antoine, Houston, TX  77055
For child care in Houston on your child's first two days plan to have your child leave earlier than their normal schedule. Several hours can be a very long time to a child in a new situation. ...
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Baptist Temple School and Child Care 
(713) 864-0154
230 West 20th Street, Houston, TX  77008
Houston child care providers often incorporate a daily learning approach and development plans that are carefully crafted to provide a safe environment for children to develop and learn through creative play, age appropriate lesson materials and teacher support and guidance. ...
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