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Overview and Information about Greensboro Daycare

Guidelines for Healthy Greensboro Daycare Centers

A happy school is a healthy school for daycare children and staff at Greensboro daycare centers. Daycare facilities are noisy, high energy places and a typical day requires a child to be at 100% capacity. When children are not feeling well and struggling to keep up, the school environment can be overwhelming for them. For this reason, centers that provide daycare in Greensboro NC will have guidelines for parents to follow in determining if a child is too sick for school. In the event that your child becomes ill, Greensboro daycare centers will require you or your designated emergency contacts to pick up your child within a specified time period e.g. 30 minutes. Although daycare centers in Greensboro NC recognize that picking up your child during the day may create a hardship, it is in the child's best interest. Greensboro daycare centers also recommend that if your child is ill, then please keep them home until they are no longer contagious and are able to actively participate at school, inside and out.
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Cogic Cathedral Day Care Center 
(336) 272-6604
2020 Textile Drive, Greensboro, NC  27405
When looking for a daycare in Greensboro, an effective curriculum should incorporate sensory, motor, perceptual, and language skills through materials and activities, which are both child-centered and teacher-directed. ...
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Irving Park United Methodist Church Preschool 
(336) 288-2311
1510 West Cone Boulevard, Greensboro, NC  27408
An indicator of the quality and dedication of the daycare in Greensboro is the tenure of the management and staff. When you visit the center, parents should take the time to speak with the director and staff that will be caring for your child. ...
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Presbyterian Church Of The Cross Preschool 
(336) 378-7706
1810 Phillips Avenue, Greensboro, NC  27405
There is nothing sadder than having a sick child sitting in the office and the daycare cannot get a hold of anyone to pick them up. Parents should keep contact information up to date at the office. ...
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Triad Christian Academy 
(336) 621-3660
5104 Dunstan Road, Greensboro, NC  27405
Through the course of the year Greensboro daycares may offer many opportunities for parent involvement. With an understanding that many parents have work demands, these activities cover a wide variety of hours and levels of involvement. ...
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Creative World 
(336) 852-0240
111 Muirs Chapel Road, Greensboro, NC  27410
Programs offered by daycare in Greensboro may include any combination of infant care, preschool, before and after school care, and summer camp programs. ...
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A Child's Garden Quaker Pre-School 
(336) 854-0031
801 New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC  27410
Parents can search in many ways for a daycare in Greensboro including finding providers that have specific type or combination of learning approach e.g. Montessori, Play based, Developmental, Teacher Led Instruction. ...
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Pyramids Kids Preschool 
(336) 478-2660
21 Oak Branch Drive, Greensboro, NC  27407
Many Greensboro daycare providers schedule both during school and after school activities where parents can be involved. During school activities may include holiday parties and monthly theme activities. After school activities may include graduation and back to school night. ...
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Sedgefield Presbyterian Church Pre-School 
(336) 299-5353
4216 Wayne Road, Greensboro, NC  27407
An open door policy for parents is common with many daycares in Greensboro. Parents can stop by and observe their children or volunteer to assist with special events or field trips during and after school. ...
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Tiny Kingdom Child Care Center 
(336) 852-7834
4387 Federal Drive, Greensboro, NC  27410
For parents to obtain feedback, many daycares in Greensboro offer Parent Teacher Conferences that may be scheduled twice per year, or available when requested. ...
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Guilford College United Methodist Church Preschool 
(336) 294-6730
1205 Fleming Road, Greensboro, NC  27410
Extra curricular activities at Greensboro daycare facilities may include gymnastics, computer classes, performing arts, piano lessons and swim lessons. These activities usually involve a separate fee. ...
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Busy Day Nursery & Kindergarten 
(336) 292-1650
2213 Coliseum Boulevard, Greensboro, NC  27403
Working parents with infants will find that some daycare centers in Greensboro provide infant child care for as early as six weeks old. Programs may include hourly, half-day and full-day. ...
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Hill's Creative Learning Center 
(336) 965-6802
307 Mount Olive Drive, Greensboro, NC  27406
Many Greensboro daycare programs provide an emphasis on the process of a child's work rather than the finished product. This helps to promote a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. ...
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