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Overview and Information about Benton Daycare

Benton Daycare Emergency Procedures Overview

Quality providers of daycare in Benton AR will have written emergency procedures that are practiced periodically (usually monthly). In addition, staff members will be certified in first aid and CPR. For Benton daycare centers, teachers discuss emergency preparedness with children on a regular basis. For example they will discuss fire drills, what they will hear, and what they are expected to do. Daycare emergency drills may be carried out on both an informed and surprise basis to ensure that everyone is adequately prepared. Providers of daycare in Benton AR may require that parents provide an emergency kit for their children. Usually these kits will are due on your child's first day of daycare, and will need to be updated yearly. Each Benton daycare will have different requirements for the contents of the emergency kit. Examples of the contents include: bottled water, granola bars (not chocolate), Kleenex, an index card with your child's contact information and emergency contacts.
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Kickin Kids Center 
(501) 860-7000
1915 Northshore Drive, Benton, AR  72015
Through the course of the year Benton daycares may offer many opportunities for parent involvement. With an understanding that many parents have work demands, these activities cover a wide variety of hours and levels of involvement. ...
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Jolly Time Child Development 
(501) 776-8548
200 N Market Street, Benton, AR  72015
When you plan to visit a daycare in Benton please bear in mind that the busy times of the day include early morning, lunch/nap time and end of day. It always appreciated if you call ahead to schedule a visit. ...
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Harmony Grove Head Start Center 
(501) 776-1697
115 School Road, Benton, AR  72015
Many Benton daycare programs provide an emphasis on the process of a child's work rather than the finished product. This helps to promote a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. ...
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Nonees World Of Love And Learning 
(501) 315-9639
3409 Congo Road, Benton, AR  72015
Many daycares in Benton will ask that if your child is ill you keep them home until they are no longer contagious and are able to actively participate at school, inside and out. ...
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Rug Rats Preschool 
(501) 776-3312
2220 North Highway 229, Benton, AR  72015
Sending your child to a daycare in Benton is an important step in helping your child to develop their brain to organize, think, create, and learn to nurture. From birth to four years of age a child's brain grows and develops as fast as their bodies. ...
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Grams House-salem 
(501) 794-4726
6526 Grayson Drive, Benton, AR  72015
Extra curricular activities at Benton daycare facilities may include gymnastics, computer classes, performing arts, piano lessons and swim lessons. These activities usually involve a separate fee. ...
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Benton Child Development Center 
(501) 315-6456
1600 Dixie Street, Benton, AR  72015
When children are not feeling well and are struggling to keep up, the preschool environment can become overwhelming for them. For this reason many Benton daycare providers have guidelines for determining if your child is too sick for school. ...
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A Kid's Place 
(501) 315-6223
825 North Main Street, Benton, AR  72015
Quality Benton daycare programs will use theme based learning. For example, February is Community Helper, March is Animals, etc. Using these themes teachers will plan learning activities to teach. ...
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The Learning Center Benton North 
(501) 315-2220
1612 Sharron Road, Benton, AR  72015
Some Benton daycare providers offer school age programs after school that provide homework assistance as well as fully supervised activities including physical exercise. ...
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Learning Center Pre-school 
(501) 315-2221
2523 Military Road, Benton, AR  72015
Many Benton daycare providers schedule both during school and after school activities where parents can be involved. During school activities may include holiday parties and monthly theme activities. After school activities may include graduation and back to school night. ...
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Kountry Kids Daycare Learning Center 
(501) 778-4886
8601 Melette, Benton, AR  72015
Working parents with infants will find that some daycare centers in Benton provide infant child care for as early as six weeks old. Programs may include hourly, half-day and full-day. ...
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