Information for Parents about Anaheim CA Child Care

Parent Considerations for Daycare and Child Care in Anaheim

Child care Tips for Parents: Medication can be administered to your child at Anaheim child care centers however there are strict guidelines that parents must follow. Prescription medication must be in the original container with an unaltered label and have your child's name clearly identified on the label. A Medical Release Form will typically need to be completed that provides details of all medications, dosage and times to be given. Preschools and providers of child care in Anaheim CA will only administer "Over the Counter" medication with a doctor's note. Medications must be given directly to the preschool or daycare personnel, and do not leave medication in your child's lunch box or classroom. You should also check with your Anaheim child care provider to determine the hours during which they will be able to administer medications. For example some providers of daycare and child care in Anaheim CA do not administer during the hours when children are taking naps. Quality providers of child care in Anaheim CA will have written emergency procedures that are practiced periodically (usually monthly). In addition, staff members will be certified in first aid and CPR. For Anaheim child care centers, teachers discuss emergency preparedness with children on a regular basis. For example they will discuss fire drills, what they will hear, and what they are expected to do. Daycare emergency drills may be carried out on both an informed and surprise basis to ensure that everyone is adequately prepared. Providers of child care in Anaheim CA may require that parents provide an emergency kit for their children. Usually these kits will are due on your child's first day of daycare, and will need to be updated yearly. Each Anaheim daycare will have different requirements for the contents of the emergency kit. Examples of the contents include: bottled water, granola bars (not chocolate), Kleenex, an index card with your child's contact information and emergency contacts.
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Reid Child Development Center 
(714) 484-4615
720 S. Western Ave., Anaheim, CA  92804
Child Care Director: Victor Contreras
We provide a safe and welcoming place for children and families.  Parents will see children and youth in a home-like setting with a rich variety of materials and equipment. Caring and  ...
Hansen Child Development Center 
(714) 484-4607
1300 South Knott Avenue, Anaheim, CA  92804
Child Care Director: Darin Taylor
We provide a safe and welcoming place for children and families.  Parents will see children and youth in a home-like setting with a rich variety of materials and equipment. Caring and  ...
Apple Tree Preschool 
(714) 772-1005
2211 W. Woodley Ave., Anaheim, CA  92801
Child Care Director: Jin Mi Park
Children are active learners and we provide hands-on, developmentally appropriate programs that foster a child's development in the areas of physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and  ...
AmeriMont Academy 
(714) 974-4664
490 S Anaheim Hills Road, Anaheim, CA  92807
Child Care Director: Ms. Arilda Espinoza
AmeriMont Academy is an enriched Montessori environment created to love and care for preschool through kindergarten children. We strive to achieve excellence through education by exceeding all other  ...
Trident Child Development Center 
(714) 999-5632
1800 West Ball Rd., Anaheim, CA  92804
Child Care Director: Debbie Phillips
We provide a safe and welcoming place for children and families.  Parents will see children and youth in a home-like setting with a rich variety of materials and equipment. Caring and  ...
Li'l Toots Pre-School & Kindergarten 
(714) 776-5070
744 North East Street, Anaheim, CA  92805
A nutritious breakfast, snack and lunch each day that includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables may be provided by some local preschools and child care facilities. Some even provide homemade meals. ...
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La Palma Pre-School & Kindergarten 
(714) 776-2970
1340 West La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA  92801
Childcare centers in Anaheim often provide a combined curriculum of developmental, play based, and teacher led learning approaches. They are primarily theme based, with an emphasis on play based learning and building a fun and meaningful curriculum around it. ...
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Reid Child Care Center 
(714) 821-8474
720 South Western Avenue, Anaheim, CA  92804
Childcare programs in Anaheim are designed to connect with each child on many levels. The foundation of a child's learning is not only preparation for kindergarten, but also for life. Many strive to balance a school program with age appropriate play, teacher support and environment. ...
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Tara Hill Little Flower Montessori Child Care Center 
(714) 774-4520
2130 West Crescent Avenue, Anaheim, CA  92801
As part of the enrollment process for your child, please ensure that you obtain a clearance from your child's physician. For Anaheim child care centers this will typically include disclosure of completed vaccinations, allergies and any conditions that will require special handling. ...
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Ronda Rae Preschool & Extended Day 
(714) 826-1353
900 South Knott Avenue, Anaheim, CA  92804
Many providers of child care in Anaheim offer flexible before and after school care options for busy parents. Local preschools and daycare centers will have their own guidelines for drop-off and pickup. ...
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Chez Grand'mere Preschool 
(714) 635-2743
1239 North Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA  92801
When seeking child care in Anaheim you should ensure that the provider is licensed and will provide the license number. Preschools are licensed for a specific capacity. ...
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Montessori Learning Center 
(714) 999-6618
331 North Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA  92805
Parents are welcome to volunteer to help with special school events and outings, for example, a Thanksgiving feast, or field trips. Many Anaheim childcare providers, preschools and daycare centers support an open door policy, and invite parents to drop in any time to observe. ...
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